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Monday, November 5, 2012

SotW 11/5/12: Amenra - Boden-Spijt

Artist: Amenra
Song: Boden - Spijt
Album: Mass V (2012)

If you know anything about Amenra, then you'll already know that Mass V, due for release November 26th on Neurot Recordings, will be one of the best post-metal releases of the year. "Boden - Spijt" only reinforces this view, showcasing the band's characteristically dark, bleak, and foreboding brand of post-metal. Although very similar in style to the band's previous releases, this song is just as excellent, if not better, than anything else Amenra have done, largely due to a particularly stellar, bass-heavy production job that is an improvement upon their previous releases. The video is also very dark and creepy, becoming one of the most fitting music videos of the year.

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