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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oak Pantheon - From a Whisper (2012)

Artist: Oak Pantheon
Album: From a Whisper
Country: USA (Minneapolis, MN)
Release Date: September 25th, 2012
Genre: Atmospheric black metal/folk

Don't let the questionable cover art deter you, for this is definitely one of the better folky atmospheric black metal releases I've had the pleasure of listening to this year. First off, the vocals are excellent, going between piercing and harsh shrieks, Agalloch-esque whispering, and sparingly used, surprisingly tolerable, non-stupid cleans. It also doesn't hurt that these boys can write excellent riffs and that they are really adept at blending the folk sections into the metal sections without making the music seem gimmicky or forced.

Sample song, tracklist, and link can be found after the jump. 


1. Descend into Winter (6:17)
2. It (8:36)
3. We Will Tear Down the Gods (9:32)
4. Aspen (6:21)
5. The Ground Beneath You (5:16)
6. Roots of Man (6:48)
7. From a Whisper (10:16)
8. An Altar of Limbs (9:44)

Duration - 62:45

Bandcamp (listen/buy)
hail mother nature

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