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Monday, October 29, 2012

SotW 10/29/12: Deafheaven - Punk Rock/Cody (Mogwai cover)

Artist: Deafheaven
Song: Punk Rock/Cody (Mogwai cover)
Album: Split w/ Bosse-De-Nage (2012)

It's rare that a band puts out a cover that honors the original, creates something completely new, and becomes something utterly brilliant, but this Mogwai cover from Bay Area metallers Deafheaven does just that. Translating a classic post-rock track into an epic slice of atmospheric black metal is an idea that could have gone so very wrong so very quickly, but this song, bleeding as much emotion as anything other original black metal track in the past few years (largely due to the always-excellent vocals of George Clark), does absolutely everything right. It goes between the expected doom-paced sections that sound exactly what you'd expect a metal cover of a post-rock band to sound like, more furious metal sections, and peaceful periods of pure post-rock bliss, all combining to create what is easily the best cover of the year, if not one of its best songs period.

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