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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Direwolves - Me From Myself, To Banish EP (2012)

Artist: Direwolves
Album: Me From Myself, To Banish
Country: France
Release Date: 10/15/12
Genre: Sludge-tinged hardcore/crust punk

Description: The debut EP from French hardcore act Direwolves is short, sweet, and pleasantly uncomplicated and old-school in its execution. Separating this from similar bands are the stellar production (the guitar tone is somewhat reminiscent of Salvation-era Cult of Luna), the relatively unique, higher-pitched vocals, and a few very interesting facets of the band's sound that take influence from various sludge acts. Recommended for fans of Gaza, Cult of Luna, and Taste the Void.

Track list, sample song, and download are after the jump.

Reach This Hand
1. Growing Defeat (3:23)
2. Dialogue of no Light (2:25)
3. Reach This Hand (2:55)
4. Diving and Struggling (2:41)
5. Me From Myself, to Banish (1:36)
6. Relief (3:05)

Total length - 16:05

Listen/purchase (Bandcamp)
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