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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Verse - Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace (2012)

Artist: Verse
Album: Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace
Country: USA (Providence)
Release Date: 07/17/2012
Genre: Melodic hardcore

Description: When Verse broke up after the release of their 2008 opus Aggression, no one really expected them to make another album, much less a mere 4 years after, yet here we are. One of hardcore's most hotly anticipated releases of the year, Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace is Verse in top form, churning out the emotionally poignant and politically charged melodic hardcore they've become renowned for in an extremely satisfying fashion. It might not match the unbridled passion of Aggression, but Bitter Clarity is still as awesome as anyone expected it to be. 

Tracklist, sample song, and download are after the jump.
"The Relevance of our Disconnect"
1. The Selfish of the Earth
2. The Selfless of the Earth
3. The Silver Spoon and the Empty Plate
4. Setting Fire to the Bridges we Cross
5. Segue One
6. You and I are the Fortunate Ones
7. The End of all Light
8. The Relevance of our Disconnect
9. Segue Two
10. Oceanic Tendencies
11. Segue Three
12. The End of all Life

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