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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Panopticon - Kentucky (2012)

Artist: Panopticon
Album: Kentucky
Country: USA (Louisville, KY)
Release Date: 06/05/2012
Genre: Atmospheric black metal/bluegrass

Description: One of Austin Lunn's weirdest albums yet, this one is his attempt at melding atmospheric melodic black metal with traditional coal miner bluegrass. There have been a spectrum of reactions to this so far, ranging from very positive to very negative, and while I invite listeners to make their own decisions I fall more toward the latter camp. This is a really cool and unique album and I wholeheartedly recommend it, although I believe we can all agree that the artwork sucks. 

Tracklist, sample song, and download are after the jump.

"Bodies Under the Falls"

1. Bernheim Forest in Spring (2:54)
2. Bodies Under the Falls (10:28)
3. Come All Ye Coal Miners (4:13)
4. Black Soot and Red Blood (10:11)
5. Which Side Are You On? (3:00)
6. Killing the Giants as they Sleep (12:25)
7. Black Waters (4:57)
8. Kentucky (3:21)

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